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Commercial Rooftop HVAC Experts in California | Installation, Replacement & Maintenance

Is your indoor HVAC unit consuming a lot of space? Is it making excessive noise and causing discomfort for your clients and team? If you answered yes to both of these questions, you may want to opt for a commercial rooftop HVAC unit rather than an indoor unit. Whether you want to install a new rooftop HVAC unit, replace a malfunctioning one, or schedule routine maintenance to keep your rooftop unit running smoothly, we offer a comprehensive range of rooftop unit solutions.

Benefits of Commercial Rooftop HVAC Units

Commercial rooftop HVAC units offer numerous benefits over conventional indoor HVAC units. Some of these benefits include:

  • Space Optimization

    Rooftop units eliminate the need for indoor equipment, freeing up valuable floor space that you can use for your business operations. This can be especially beneficial if you have limited space or want to reclaim precious square footage for core operations.

  • Reduced Noise

    Since rooftop HVAC units aren't located inside, they can significantly reduce noise pollution, creating a more tranquil environment for your employees and customers. This can particularly benefit noise-sensitive establishments like schools, hospitals, or nursing homes.

  • Easier Maintenance

    Has your HVAC technician ever visited your premises for routine maintenance and struggled to determine where your HVAC system's issue is? With a rooftop HVAC unit, your technician won't encounter this challenge. While rooftop HVAC units are out of sight, they're easier to access. This accessibility makes them easier to service, resulting in faster maintenance schedules.

  • Improved Security

    HVAC unit theft and vandalism are rampant because HVAC parts can be sold off as valuable scrap metal. Rooftop units are less prone to theft and vandalism than ground-level units because of their elevated placement. Their elevated placement also makes them less vulnerable to accidental damage from children and pets.

  • Enhanced Energy Efficiency

    Commercial rooftop HVAC units are fairly modern compared to many ground-level units. As a result, they often have many modern features like variable speed motors, energy-efficient compressors, and intelligent controls that reduce energy consumption, which can improve your bottom line.

  • Installation Flexibility

    Want to enhance comfort without compromising on the aesthetics of your commercial space? Then, a commercial rooftop unit is the perfect solution. Unlike indoor units that may ruin your property's aesthetic, rooftop units can be easily integrated into existing building structures.

Unlock the True Potential of Your Commercial Space With a Rooftop Unit

If you want to experience the benefits a commercial rooftop HVAC unit offers, HQR Air can help. We have nearly two decades of experience serving business owners in the Bay Area, and our HVAC technicians are licensed and insured.

We also offer upfront fixed pricing, so you can have peace of mind that you won't encounter any hidden costs or unexpected fees. And best of all? We provide a 100% customer satisfaction guarantee, so we won't be done until you're satisfied with the results.

Contact us now for a free quote, and let us transform your commercial space into a haven of comfort.